Scroll Utils

Utility library for dealing with scroll events

Tiny utility library for dealing with scroll events.

Exposes onScrollChange functions.

This library will work with analytics or as a standalone import in your code.

How to install

Install @analytics/scroll-utils from npm.

npm install @analytics/scroll-utils


Below is the api for @analytics/scroll-utils. You can import only what you need & the rest will be tree-shaken out of your bundle.


Listen to form submissions & do stuff with inputs.

This will incept form submissions & fire a custom callback before submitting the form normally

import { onScrollChange } from '@analytics/scroll-utils'

const detachScrollListener = onScrollChange({
  25: (scrollDepth, maxScroll) => {
    console.log('25 % scrolled', scrollDepth)
  50: (scrollDepth, maxScroll) => {
    console.log('50 % scrolled', scrollDepth)
  75: (scrollDepth, maxScroll) => {
    console.log('75 % scrolled', scrollDepth)
  90: (scrollDepth, maxScroll) => {
    console.log('90 % scrolled', scrollDepth)

// Detach listener