Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions asked about analytics

Do I need to use a plugin?

No, analytics will work out of the box without any plugins attached. However the data from page, track, and identify calls won't send information anywhere.

You can attach your own data collection method via an inline plugin

  name: 'custom-analytics-plugin',
  page: ({ payload }) => {
    // Send data to custom collection endpoint
    fetch('', {
      method: 'POST',
      body: JSON.stringify({
        date: payload.meta.timestamp
        anonymousId: payload.anonymousId,
        userId: payload.userId,

How much bundle size will this add?

A major goal of this project is to keep things as lean as possible. You can view the size of analytics on bundlephobia.

If you're already using redux in your application code, the bundle will be even smaller 🎉.

Does this work in client & on server?

Yes, analytics was designed to work in both browsers and servers.

Other questions

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