Original Source

Using the original src plugin

Track the initial traffic source of visitors to your site.

This plugin will save the original referral source of visitors and the first page they came in on.

The following values are saved to localStorage:

  • __user_original_source
  • __user_original_landing_page

These pieces of information can be very useful when assigning attribution data to users.


__user_original_source = "source=(direct)|medium=(none)|campaign=(not set)"
__user_original_landing_page = ""

How to use

Install the plugins from npm.

npm install analytics
npm install analytics-plugin-original-source

Then include it in your analytics instance

import Analytics from 'analytics'
import originalSrc from 'analytics-plugin-original-source'

const analytics = Analytics({
  app: 'my-app',
  version: 100,
  debug: true,
  plugins: [